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Call on us for comprehensive preventive, restorative and cosmetic services including:

Preventive: Prophylaxis (“cleaning”) – a general cleaning to remove plaque, staining and
hard deposits (calculus) that cannot be removed with regular brushing. For most people this service should be performed every six months to keep the teeth and mouth healthy.

Topical fluoride treatment to help strengthen the teeth and prevent decay.

Sealants to protect your child’s teeth from decay on the biting surfaces.

Periodontal treatment: Scaling and root planing – the initial treatment for the patient with more advanced gum disease. This is a deeper and more extensive cleaning that may require the use of local anesthetic. Follow-up visits are needed to keep the teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Invisible braces and interceptive orthodontic therapy: We consult with each patient about their specific orthodontic needs.

Restorative: Fillings – placed after decay is removed to replace the missing tooth structure and provide strength and esthetics. Fillings are offered in both tooth color (composite) and silver (amalgam), depending on your needs, budget and the recommendation of the dentist.

Crowns – Kane Family Dentistry offers computer custom-designed crowns using our innovative CEREC® technology. These crowns are produced in-house, and it may be possible to receive the crown in a single visit, thus eliminating the need for a temporary crown. We also offer crowns and bridges fabricated in a dental lab.

Oral surgery: Simple-single tooth extractions.

Cosmetic dentistry: Don’t like the way your smile looks? You can count on the expertise at Kane Family Dentistry to provide quality reshaping, bonding, veneers and/or attractive crown work to create a more pleasing appearance of your smile.

Root-canal treatment: Based on case selection, Kane Family Dentistry is able to provide root-canal therapy on both anterior and posterior teeth.

Replacement of missing teeth: Ask us about the wide array of options for replacing single and multiple teeth. These options include, but are not limited to, implants, bridgework and removable dentures.