Tooth Colored Fillings
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Tooth Colored Fillings

When a tooth is damaged by decay, it needs some assistance to gain its strength back. That is where a filling comes into play. In the past, patients may have received amalgam fillings that had a noticeable, metallic/black appearance when placed, but thankfully, that method is a thing of the past at Kane Family Dentistry. Instead Dr. Kane is happy to offer composite fillings that are durable, conservative and have an aesthetic appearance.

The benefits of tooth-colored fillings over traditional materials include:

  • As stated already, the composite resin used for tooth-colored fillings accurately matches both the shade and texture of your natural teeth, resulting in a virtually invisible appearance.
  • Metal fillings must cover an area of the tooth and most of the time requires some removal of the original tooth structure. Tooth-colored fillings are much more conservative in their placement, and they have the added advantage of bonding directly to the tooth which gives it additional strength.
  • Tooth-colored fillings are to be more resistant to regular daily wear and tear over time when comparing to amalgam fillings.
  • There’s less sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures to worry about, resulting in more overall comfort for the patient.

Patients can choose to have their old, silver-colored fillings replaced with composite fillings for the aesthetic look they’ve been missing. Please contact Kane Family Dentistry today if you have any questions for our staff members, or if you are ready to schedule your initial appointment with us!