Cosmetic Dentistry


If your smile is suffering from different aesthetic issues all at once, pursuing several different treatments to correct them all may be a bit overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give some or even most of your teeth a dramatic makeover with one simple procedure? Porcelain veneers allow Dr. Kane to do just that. Veneers are thin pieces of ceramic material that is strictly designed to match your natural smile and enhance its beauty, giving you that flawless smile you have been looking for.

Benefits of Choosing Porcelain Veneers:

  • By covering your natural tooth from view under a lifelike replacement, veneers can correct stains, gaps, misalignments, chips, cracks, and much more all at once, while saving you valuable time and money.
  • Patients can even make superficial changes to the length, shape of certain teeth if they are not satisfied with the way their teeth are currently.
  • Gum tissue tolerates porcelain very well, so no irritation or discomfort is expected once the permeant veneers are placed.
  • Natural teeth can catch stain much easier, as veneer are more resistant against staining, allowing you to continue your newly bright look for up to ten or more years.

Porcelain veneers typically take a couple of visits to complete after your initial visit. During the first, Dr. Kane will remove a small amount of natural enamel from the teeth that will be covered with veneers, take detailed impressions, and provide you with a temporary piece that will look similar to what your permanent veneer will look like. When wearing a temporary this allows patients to become accustomed to their new restoration, and its placement means their complete smile and self-confidence is never disrupted.

Once the lab has completed and delivered your case to the office, you will return for a second appointment so we can fit your new veneer securely in place and be sure you are satisfied with the result. If veneers sound like something you are interested in, please contact our office to set up a visit with Dr. Kane.